Jay Kreimer


    SAV  (Denmark),    MIGHTY VITAMINS.    Tuesday April 15, 7:30 pm,

                        3708 J St.   $5 for the touring bands.


Here’s a composed street dancer at the Ganesh festival in Baroda last September. When the tall, off-camera, blond woman won’t dance with him, he democratically decides to give me a try. 

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 A review of the latest Seeded Plain album (Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer), Provincial Stammer. It’s on the Bug Incision label.

Hand-numbered edition of only 75 copies set of “confrontational gamelan theatre” from the duo of Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer: Kreimer and Day construct fleeting metal sculptures that take the brain-bonging potential of tonal percussive instants and marry them to almost Tony Oxley-scale blats, marrying a feel for ritual and ceremony with zippy timbral invention and grinding, erotic, almost-Neubauten scale junk jags. Think N.U. Unruh and Pelt play the songs of the Music Improvisation Company. Excellent.

Out walking.

Back to the crocodiles. This is a big one on the bank in the sun. The river is heavily polluted with sewage which seems to suit them. Where’s his santa suit?

The Holidays in Vadodara. Santa Came! He brought his brothers!

You’ll be seeing more of this guy. I interviewed him last week. He’s one of the band members who fills out the ranks, shaking a metal rattle and mugging. Full of life. He’s been a band man for 20 years. Before that he pedalled a bicycle delivery rickshaw.

I thought I heard Marco Polo say… He was here, in Khombhat, formerly Combay, formerly the main port on the gulf of Combay, silted in now. You can see the water from hilltops, but the port is gone. Beautiful old buildings preserved by centuries of poor economy. When the water goes. There’s a house here I’ve thought about at least monthly for the past four years. When it was built, you could see the bay from the balconies.

Made the India Times today, front page of every paper distributed in Gujarat. The article: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JQS8yMDEzLzExLzAzI0FyMDAxMDM=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom  Phoebe Little took the photo in Padra Gujarat.

Donkey with spots-We came upon this free range donkey, dressed up for Diwali, on our morning walk. He was grazing in a small village attached to a temple zone across the river from us.

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